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Apr. 13th, 2009


A sad day....

While watering my plants today, I noticed a very sad thing. It seems to be a plague among my planters these days. Striking without warning, taking down the weak. Or maybe it's just killing at random. Either way, it's vicious, cruel, and just downright depressing. Especially for it's latest victim, Dick the cactus. Yes my friends, poor Dick has lost one of his own to testicular cancer. Feel free to send him a card to try and perk him up, or send him a text. I'll be taking donations for corrective surgery. We'll be lighting a candle tonite just for him if you'd like to join us....

Mar. 3rd, 2009


good advice? i think not....

i'm a creature who is almost always stressed. be it work, bills, life in general or just trying to keep up with laundry it just seems to get to me sometimes. so in my search for ways to de-stress, i came upon a little article giving advice. a short list of everyday things to do or not do to reduce stress levels. one of them which i thought couldn't hurt was to stop folding your underwear. i found no harm in this, and thought to myself " do i really need to fold and organize my underthings? no, i don't think i do! they don't need to be grouped together by type then color! i shall turn them into free-range underwear!"

now, this did reduce my stress for a short while, but then i noticed the awful repercussions of my folly. my drawer of drawers my be free-range and happy, but i find that in my morning daze i can't seem to be able to put them on correctly. it is mostly amusing, but some days it's rather depressing to find that i can't put on my own knickers without error...

Feb. 10th, 2009

Monkey Witch

Not terribly important but...

I feel the two items "sticky buns" and "bikini barista" should not be advertised on the same sign. Especially for only $2.50...

Dec. 24th, 2008

hula shadow

(no subject)

It struck me today that I think my *ick* about holidays starting to wear off... I actually got upset that our family xmas eve party was canceled *gasp!*, I really sent out real xmas cards *wheeze!*, and bought and decorated a tree... even if it does look like the guy from "aaaah! real monsters!" I also spent two months making GIANT stuffed lizards for the nieces and nephews, I spent a couple days baking for everyone at work, and I was excited to put presents under OUR tree. AND I wore some quite realistic looking antlers to work and candycanes in my ears...

Whats happening to me!!!

I blame this on the Manboy. And maybe the fact that I'm getting old.

I still hate the holiday music tho.

Sep. 24th, 2008



so as i'm sitting here drowning my sorrows in MANY episodes of black adder and buckets of tea, i get more bad news. not so much more, as there really hasn't been news at all. but just general crud. matt says the rumor is that strike is going to last until the end of november...
i can't handle that.
i know the simple solution is that he gets a temp job and all will be well, but i'm seriously so flippin' strapped for cash right now it's not even funny. it's kinda unlikely that he'll be able to find a temp job that will pay as well as boeing. i guess anything is better than nothing at this point. it's just lame. there's pretty much nothing i hate more than money troubles. maybe that's because i've always had them? i dunno. i just hate getting bills and going "since i've already pulled all the money from my bum, where do i find it now?"

i could answer that in a rather colorful fashion, but i think i'll leave it be.

but there is a bit of good news i guess. my ventures into crafting steamie type clothing is going quite well. so far my jacket and dress look quite good, but i'm still needing a decent hat...

perhaps the weekend in bellingham will brighten me up a bit.

Sep. 9th, 2008

hula shadow

A thank you....

I'd like to thank Twinnings of London today, for saving the lives of SO many of my coworkers.

Aug. 20th, 2008


Stop dreaming please!!

I've decided that having an egg on toast before bed is a bad idea. I had many odd/disturbing dreams last nite, but this one stuck with me the most. I woke up terrified but cant seem to quit giggling about it now.

Manboy and I were getting married in this BIG, scary(i have a strange fear of churches) church and we both had our entire family there. He's wearing this bright orange ruffly suit and top hat, and I'm wearing the dress from Mary Poppins when they jump thru the picture, parasol and everything. We get to the bit about the vows and crap and he says all this wonderful stuff(that I now cant remember)and I'm so amazed by it I totally forget what I'm going to say. It gets to be my turn and I'm speechless. I had something really good worked out but can't think of it to save my life. I look at my mom and she's so embarrassed by my forgetfulness that she's sneaking out the side door with a plant over her head. So I look to his mom and I see her saying to his dad "i told you she wasn't good enough!" and she starts pulling this impossibly big gun out of her purse with a silencer and laser site thing. I'm thinking to myself as she's taking aim "Oh shit, it's just like kill bill...." and then I remember having donuts that morning while getting ready shout out "Donuts! Matt is like a donut!" and proceed to explain how life is like a tray of donuts and its hard to find one you want. How too many are too sweet with two kinda of frosting and sprinkles, and then there are the fancy ones that taste kinda weird, and the brick like maple ones that you should probably make houses out of instead of eat, and the cream filled ones that have a hole in the side and leak everywhere, and the ones that were under another one so half the frosting is gone... But then you find the one good old fashioned donut in the back corner of the tray kinda under something else. Not outlandish frosting, just a nice glaze, kinda odd shaped but perfect for dunking, and they are pretty good at anytime of the day. And somehow I manage to turn in all into really bad poetry. And at the end I say "I love you donut!" I look at his mom and she's now got the gun to her own head, and my moms no where to be seen. Everyone else is just giving me the one eyebrow what-the-hell look with their mouths open. Unfortunately they are all so dumbfounded that their one eyebrow is trying to go up so high that its getting up into their hairline and then their eye starts to split open at the corner and rip their face in two... At this point they all start screaming and panicking because they can't make it stop.
It pretty much ends with lots of blood, burst eyeballs and general panic and distress. Matt and I just stood there and watched it all. I wasn't quite sure how you handle that sort of thing...

I think I need to be evaluated.

Aug. 6th, 2008

hula shadow

Return to the land of normal....

So after a wonderful trip over the weekend I have come back from reality feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Sort of like having spirit dusted and getting rid of all the boggy cobwebs with dust kitties stuck in them. I feel great :) Even tho I have come back to a totally messy house, and bit of a hellish work environment and other bits of turmoil, I feel good! It was nice to get out and reconnect with the dirt. To dance in the grass under the stars, and good conversation with random people, and spend time with my sisters. I got to do the spiral dance with TONS of mystical creatures and be pretty close to the beginning of it. I got to see and hear a bunch of great things and entertain people and make them happy. I apparently danced a hula so well that I made some guy from Hawaii cry because he was homesick, but it made him happy to see it... That has really stuck with me for some reason. He just came up to me in tears and thanked me. I wasn't even aware that I was being watched that closely. It made me feel good tho.

I think everyone should have weekends like these. Much more than once a year tho. It's good for the heart, mind and soul :)

Jul. 25th, 2008



In the past few weeks all hell has managed to break loose and something have been settled. I guess thats how it always is but things seem unusually hectic... I have pretty much FINALLY finished moving into the ManBoy's(he luvs that)place, tho it is still kind of a mess. I have costuming crap everywhere and I'm sure he fears being buried in either green mossy things or black fur and shiny things. I think thats why he still avoids the living room even tho thats where the games are. We have a new dishwasher on the way so we can say goodbye to the ugly dish drying rack and no more hand washing! But after Matt's car being broken into, the IRS being asses, his comp breaking, his car breaking and work being utter hell for both of us, things seem quite lame. It has been nothing but chaos and no time to deal with it for two weeks and it's really wearing us thin. And I dont think things will be settled til the 12th or 13th. I'm gonna need a vacation to recover from my vacation and all things leading up to it and the aftermath of leaving work for only 3 days. It will be the first vacation since last year this time. And I only get 3 days. -ack!-

My costuming seems to be picking up a bit but is still a disaster. I still need my horns and antlers, my pants are slightly not quite correct, my tops need adjusting so I don't fall out mid frolick, I think I have successfully patched my wig altho it still looks roughed up and is now heavy, my acorn purse is proving to be a hassel, my leather belt hasnt even been started, I still need to design and make hooves, I need to make all my jewelry, and decide how to pack for the few days we'll be in Oregon.

I can do this!!!! maybe....

Jun. 24th, 2008

hula shadow


So I have decided to move in with the man. We get along swimmingly and I've pretty much been living there for a month or so anywho, so might as well get it done and over with. Theres only one problem. I have WAY too much crap. Crap I can't seem to part with. His place is kinda tiny and I could overfill it myself twice with all my stuff. It's going to be quite snuggly. I also have to keep my storage unit which I wanted to avoid. I think maybe I'll just get a smaller one. It'll be nice to finally be out of my parents tho! Yeesh, it took long enouh... I will no longer feel like a lame ass! I just have to make sure I don't drive him nuts with all my cleaning and organization. I've already rearranged the kitchen and bathroom, so I guess continuing on with the rest wouldn't be bad ;) It's a bit more of a drive to work too which sucks, but I totally think it's worth it! I'm excited, but I really HATE moving. It's such a mess. I get stressed over nothing, and I worry about totally taking over the space. I feel kinda like a bomb being dropped on him... A scatter bomb full of clothing, dried flowers, ugly vintage things and luis royo posters. Not precisely deadly, but definitely smothering and odd.
I'm sure all will be well, it's just the worrywort in me.

I'm gonna miss George Carlin.... :(

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